Ken Abrames’ Flatwing Streamer


Tied by Mark Gustavson

The construction of this pattern and its relatively sparse use of materials allows the water to fill it up and create the illusion that the surrounding area is reflecting off of the fly as is the case with natural baits. Its construction also allows every nuance of current to move it, keeping the fly in motion.

The name flatwing is a misnomer. The name was chosen because the pattern finds its genesis in the construction of the old New England atlantic salmon pattern Nine Three that has a true flatwing. Though a true flatwing can be used on this pattern it is the tail saddles that are tied in flat.

The pattern can be tied from 2 inches to 16 inches and can suggest any bait fish.

Hook: Eagle Claw 254 #4/0
Thread: Light olive 6/0
Tail: White bucktail under a narrow white saddle (tied in curve side down) under 2 pieces of light blue flashabou under a long narrow pink saddle (tied in curve side down) under 2 pieces of light blue crystal flash.
Collar #1: Tied in around the tail, bottom white bucktail; top white, pink, chartreuse and light blue bucktail, blended
Body: Pearl mylar tubing, wound up the body
Collar#2: White and light blue bucktail, blended
Wing: White, pink, light blue and charteuse bucktail, blended
Throat: White marabou
Topping: Peacock herl
Eyes: Jungle cock